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Generic or brand?

A generic drug is the strict copy of an original drug. The generic drug meets the same criteria of quality and safety as the reference product and is controlled by the AFSSAPS: - same composition in active principles - formulations identical When a laboratory is developing a drug, it keeps the exclusivity of its marketing up to the expiry of the patent and until the expiration of the term of protection of the data of the marketing authorisation (15 years in USA) ; a copy of the original product can then be developed and marketed by another laboratory. It is called generic drug.

Why a generic is it cheaper than an original?

The costs of research and development (R&D) of a generic drug are much lower than the original drug, because "only" the costs of "enrrobage" of the molecule (the science of studying this phenomenon is called the dosage) and marketing are necessary to its development. The research and development costs have been funded by the company marketing the original drug. This is why generic drugs, which do not have R&D costs can afford to be about 90% cheaper than the original drug. It seems, therefore, that even a generic drug can be 90% cheaper than an original still remains more cost-effective than original medication.

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